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Explore our success stories, where collaboration and innovation come together to create remarkable packaging solutions. Discover how brands like Keune are making a lasting impact with glass packaging, setting the stage for creativity and inspiration in their industries.

Florid Feelings Targets Beauty Market
With Durable and Local Products

Marlee Leliveld, the founder of Florid Feelings, is on a mission to redefine beauty in the skin and hair care industry. This Dutch entrepreneur has created a brand that places the spotlight on gentle, yet powerful formulas inspired by the elegance of nature. Florid Feelings’ Palmarosa facial oil and Lavender hair oil, launched in September 2023, offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary.


Keune’s Limited-Edition Packaging

Dutch professional hair cosmetics company Keune opted for eco-luxe glass packaging for its 100th anniversary. The limited-edition hair serum comes in a 50 ml Victor bottle, with a decoration designed by Joseph Klibansky, intended to inspire hair artists worldwide to create boundless creations.


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