Keune’s Limited-Edition


Dutch professional hair cosmetics company Keune opted for eco-luxe glass packaging for its 100th anniversary. The limited-edition hair serum comes in a 50 ml Victor bottle, with a decoration designed by Joseph Klibansky, intended to inspire hair artists worldwide to create boundless creations.

Keune Inspires Joseph Klibansky and Vice Versa

Keune has launched The Royal Tribute Hair Serum, a limited-edition hair serum housed in Calaso’s Victor bottle. The fashionable Keune packaging is decorated with remarkable artwork designed by Joseph Klibansky. A contemporary artist who has added his signature style to Keune’s hair styling range.

Using Keune’s creative heritage as inspiration, the Victor bottle has undergone a metamorphosis. One that transformed an empty ‘canvas’ into a work of art. Like any artist, Klibansky creates to express himself, and his art helps others to express themselves. To inspire and move them. Not surprisingly, the collaboration with this artist matched Keune's styling range perfectly.

The Packaging Concept.

The concept of The Royal Tribute Hair Serum merges art with style and aims to stimulate everyone’s creativity. By making what people feel fit their style of expression or character, from paintings and sculptures to haircuts, colours and styling. It illustrates that art comes in different ways and can inspire artists (or entrepreneurs) worldwide to create boundless creations.

Full Packaging Service

Based on the product's application and visual appeal, the bottle features a gold conical pipette with a white bulb. The entire glass body is decorated with a one-of-a-kind artwork applied using the screen printing technique. Every packaging element, from top to bottom, has been provided by Calaso, including the decoration application.

When it comes to art and style, there is no right or wrong. Nor when it comes to your packaging design. So, the big question is, are you ready to create without limits? If so, our team of experts will be happy to help you with the next steps.