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Glass Perfume Bottles: The Silent Seller

What is more alluring than a glass perfume bottle? Far and away the most popular packaging for perfume. It makes sense, with the shapely curves and premium luxurious look. In the industry, the glass perfume bottle is seen as the silent seller, that literally lures customers to the shelf.

Let’s not forget that glass is composed of limestone, sand and soda ash. Three plentiful, natural and sustainable resources. Glass is completely inert, protecting perfume products from outside elements, including oxygen, while leaving the fragrance molecules inside unaffected.

Understanding Neck Finishes

The standard for commercial perfumes is the FEA crimp neck. Bottles and closures that have this finish have a single number, which indicates the outer diameter of the bottle neck at its widest point. If you see a closure with more numbers, for instance, 18/415, that’s the GPI/GCMI system, which is used in the United States. In that case, the first number refers to the neck diameter, while the second is the height and thread style. It’s important to match numbers, so that you have the right closure for the right bottle.

At Your Service!

The only way to build a long-term business relationship is by offering you the best service experience possible. That means ensuring that our warehouse is always fully stocked, so that we can guarantee fast and reliable shipping. In other words, you never have to wait long for your favourite packaging. Ever.

We take pleasure in serving both large and small companies. Happily providing low minimum order quantities (MOQs) if that’s what you require. For us, partnership is about collaboration and co-creation. Almost anything you have in mind, we can turn into a reality. We pride ourselves on our technical know-how. You can count on us, that’s the Calaso promise.

The Durable and Sustainable Solution

Glass bottles are more durable than any other packaging material. And when they are no longer useable they are 100% sustainable. When you choose glass, you choose naturally occurring ingredients. And you’re choosing to take good care of the natural world around us. We are continually working on measuring and reducing our carbon footprint. Through smarter design methods, improved production processes and by making our entire range in Europe, as near as possible to our home in the Netherlands.