Wide Neck Jars

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The Many Benefits of Wide Mouth Glass Jars

Wide mouth jars are easy to fill and easy to empty. Ideal for kitchen essentials like pickles, spices, powders, extracts and superfoods. As well as medicinal products, vitamins and supplements.

Amber, Brown and Flint: Different Colours, Different Properties

What kind of product are you storing? What is important when storing your product? These are important questions. For example, if you have a medicinal product, amber glass is the best choice, because it offers the best protection against UV light. Whereas, if you want to concentrate on a rustic and contemporary look and feel, you should go for brown glass. Which, by the way, is very easy to recycle. Lastly, flint glass, which is the most durable and also, highly heat resistant. It is the glass of choice for super premium prestigious products. The best example being luxurious perfumes.

What Kind of Neck Finish are You Looking For?

Not such a simple question as it seems, when you first see all those numbers. Maybe you need the 48/400, or perhaps the 53/400, or is it the 70/400? You really need to know what these numbers mean. And that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you! The first number refers to the neck finish diameter and the second is the height and thread style. Now you know, it isn’t so difficult. However, always pay close attention to the closures you choose, the GPI or GCMI code must match the number listed in the product description. If in any doubt at all, you can always get in touch with our highly experienced team. They’re more than happy to share their professional advice.

It’s Time to Seal the Deal

Whatever glass jar or glass bottle you pick, we have a vast range of seals, lids and screw caps that match. All depending on the purpose of your product. How you want it to be used and how you want it to look.

Glass is Forever

Eco-luxe, ecologically friendly luxury. Let’s stop and think about that for a few moments. No damage to our planet. Isn’t that a good feeling? While still enjoying superior quality and design excellence. Our entire range of wide neck jars are what is known as mono-material products: one material through and through. Which makes them excellent for recycling again and again and again. Endlessly. However, a circular reusable solution is an even better way to conserve natural resources. Customers can clean and reuse this packaging for many other home uses. Storing tea, herbs, muesli, or pasta for example, and that’s just in the kitchen…

Calaso Glass Jars: Making Sustainable Packaging More Sustainable

Glass is a magical material with so many properties and purposes. Naturally sustainable in an industry that is continually evolving. Calaso is playing an active role in this development. We look at every aspect of the glass-making process, from the raw materials we use, to the method of production, to the final product. As well as finding the right (closest) suppliers and partners. Working together to limit our collective carbon footprint.