Roll-on Bottles

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The Role of Roll-on Bottles

Our roll-on glass bottles are typically used for holding liquids such as deodorants, perfume, essential oils, or other types of personal care products. They can be equipped with a rollerball applicator that allows easy and controlled application of the product onto the skin.

They are commonly used in the beauty industry for packaging products that require precision application or are sensitive to air exposure. The rollerball applicator also helps to reduce product waste and allows for better control of the amount of product dispensed. Additionally, they can be refilled and reused, making them an eco-friendly option for anyone looking to reduce waste. Shouldn’t that be everyone?

Special Thread

Our roll-on glass bottles are available in 50 and 75-ml flint glass and can be decorated to your tastes. They have a 34 and 45 special thread, which pair perfectly with the 34 mm and 45 mm roll-on fitting. What makes our special threads so special? Well, they differ from standard threads because some Calaso products are tailor-made to unique market demands and needs of our customers.

Glass: is there a Better Packaging Material?

The simple answer is no, at least in our view. This timeless transparent miraculous material can be recycled endlessly without any loss of quality or purity. It’s airtight, impermeable and non-toxic, making it the safe and healthy choice for packaging anything you eat or drink. Besides that, glass elevates your product, adding a chic and premium look.

As You Like it

Glass packaging is just so versatile. It can be customised, decorated and coloured using so many diverse techniques. That includes screen printing, printing with precious metals, PAD printing, hot stamping, rasterisation, spraying (water-based spraying, metalisation, concrete) and special effects like acid frosting. A long list of possibilities!

Learn more about personalising your glass packaging on our customised solutions page. You can also get in touch with a Calaso representative.

Empty Roll-on Bottles and Wholesale Accessories

Looking for roll-on bottles and wholesale accessories? Perfect! We offer a wide selection of packaging options for businesses of all sizes. We can supply quantities, large and small, from our two strategic locations, in Europe and the United States.