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Glass Dropper Bottles and Most Common Uses

There are numerous industries where a glass dropper bottle is a necessity. Consider, for example, packaging for medicines, where a specific dose needs to be administered and the product needs to conform to ISO standards. Or essential oils, which generally should be kept in amber packaging for better protection from UV rays. And cosmetics, like glow products, which need to be applied in a certain quantity. Not forgetting hair applications, tinctures, and even for cooking purposes.

Pipettes, Dropper Caps, Screw Caps or Something Else?

Calaso is so much more than a supplier of glass containers, we also offer an extensive range of closures to meet differing market needs. The first step for you is to choose between amber or flint glass bottles and the size that suits your needs (from 5 ml dropper bottles to 100 ml dropper bottles). Then, between pipettes, dropper caps, screw caps and many other types of closures. The best part? You can buy wholesale dropper bottles or decide on a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) if required. We keep a large stock in our warehouse, minimising any risk that you might run out of stock. Now more than ever, we all have to prepared for any possible hiccups in the supply chain, for example.

Amber or Flint is not just a Colour Choice

It's no coincidence that many herbal and essential oils are stored in amber glass bottles. It’s a necessity. That’s because the amber bottles have properties that shield the contents from UV rays, which can damage natural ingredients. While the flint glass is a totally different story. It’s highly durable, resistant to heat and allows the customer to see the colour of the liquid inside. Therefore, it’s more suitable for practical general use.

DIN18 Briefly Explained

DIN 18, or DIN168/GL18, is Europe’s industry standard for glass dropper bottles. Referring to the neck size, height and diameter. The DIN18 measurements of your glass dropper bottle and closure must match to get a good seal. When you want to use our packaging in combination with a pipette, please keep in mind that the length of the glass cylinder needs to fit the bottle. This can be a hassle, that’s why we’ve added the corresponding closures (including pipettes) to each product page. Then you can easily see immediately what works.

Less is More Environmentally Friendly

Using less glass means more sustainable packaging. Lighter packaging, without compromising on quality or strength. Also, less raw materials, less transport costs and less CO2 emission. What’s more, we will continue to innovate and test new approaches to make even less impact on our wonderful world.

Clean European Eco-Conscious Packaging

Eco-conscious stands for ecologically friendly. Basically, not harming the planet, while not sacrificing on superior quality and design excellence. Calaso is one of Europe’s leading glass manufacturing companies in this category. Offering a substantial range of bottles and jars, but also the option for personalisation, with a considerable choice of colours and styles.

Anti-Rotation Nocks

Some of our glass dropper bottles have anti-rotation nocks. These are used to hold packaging before it is printed or labelled and provide positioning for the label or imprint on the dropper bottle.