Keep Threads in Mind

Even when it’s about accessories, you have to keep neck threads in mind. Only the correct match will close properly and preserve your product. For that, you need to keep two systems in mind. Firstly, the DIN system for neck measurements is the industry standard in Europe. The most common is DIN18, which refers to the height and diameter of the neck. Secondly, the GPI/GCMI are the US standards for neck finishes, with the first two digits representing the diameter of the neck finish and the remaining numbers the height and thread style.

Pourer Inserts

Pourer inserts are ideal when you want to control the amount of liquid being poured. Available for glass bottles with a DIN18 or 24/410 neck, they are ideal for the food and beverage industry.

Dropper Inserts

Dropper inserts are used for controlling the flow of liquid inside the bottle. One drop at a time, so that it’s possible to dispense the liquid in small amounts. That small amount can be as big or as small as you want, depending on the dropper insert that best suits your needs. It’s also about the thickness of the liquid. For thicker liquids, you need a larger opening and for thinner liquids, a smaller opening. Dropper inserts are great for oil blends for hair, beards, and aromatherapy.

Need a Diffuser Cap?

A diffuser overcap is an additional decorative product. It can be used to cover the diffuser cap, but not to replace it. The diffuser overcap isn’t for sealing a product, however, it can provide the finishing touch to a glass bottle.

Recycling with the Refill Insert

The refill insert is recyclable and easy to separable from the glass. It improves customer experience and loyalty because it is a more environmentally friendly packaging solution. This feel good and do good approach is designed for cosmetic products, like creams, body butters and face masks.

Finding What You Need

Click on the picture of any product, that will take you to an information overview page. At the bottom of that page, all the products that can be used with that accessory.