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All quantities are rounded to the number of pieces per safe packs.

Fine Mist Sprayers

Mist sprayers have a number of purposes, especially in the realm of skincare. Often water-based products containing essential nutrients, to help maintain moisture and nourish the skin. Misting creates air bubbles which quickly penetrate the skin, which means that they work very quickly and effectively.

The Trigger Sprayer

The trigger sprayer is ideal for diverse liquid applications. On the one hand, home perfume and water-based dressings and on the other, many general cleaning products.

Products with a Twist-Lock

The mist sprayer twist comes with an additional safety feature. Turning the upper part of this closure one way prevents the product from coming out. Turning it the other way, allows the spray to come out.

Check the Neck

Obviously, you want the perfect seal for your glass product. That means matching the correct spray caps with the right neck closures. You will often see DIN18, which refers to the height and diameter of the neck, DIN being the industry standard in Europe. While in the United States they use the GPI/GCMI system. There is also the FEA neck finish, which is often used for perfume bottles.

Find Your Perfect Match

When you’ve found the right closure, then you have to find the right glass bottle or jar. With that in mind, you can click on any closure to see the product overview page. There you will find general information about the product, and by scrolling down, all the glass products that fit that spray cap.