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All quantities are rounded to the number of pieces per safe packs.

Push-Button Pipette

A superior pipette, you can dispense a product precisely, with just a push of a button. You can also easily fill or release a large or small amount of product.

The Four Parts of a Pipette

A glass pipette has four parts: the bulb, the cap, the tube and the tip. The rubber bulb controls the flow and amount of the liquid. While the cap can be push-button, series II, or child resistant. The tube, or glass cylinder, is the glass pipe from the bulb to the tip, where the liquid is released. We provide different length tubes, but also different types of tips. The bent ball tip is the most common for dosing a product drop by drop. While the conical or straight tip are best when you need more volume.

Request a Sample

At Calaso, we highly recommend that you request a sample. Allowing you to perform a compatibility test with your product.

Technical Expertise

We can imagine that sometimes it’s difficult to know which is the right pipette for your product. Our team have all the technical know-how and experience to help you make the best selection.

Which Neck Thread?

The neck thread has to be an exact match between the glass bottles, and the closure. Ensuring that products are perfectly preserved. When you read, for example, DIN18, that is the European industry standard, referring to the neck height and diameter. If you see GPI/GCMI, you are looking at the US measurement standard, with two separate numbers, e.g. 22/410. The first number indicates the diameter of the neck finish and the second, the height of the neck finish.

Matching Made Easy

You want to be sure that you choose the matching pipette for each product. That’s why we’ve made it easy. When you click on a pipette, you will see a product overview with general information. Also, when you scroll, all the matching products for that pipette.