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Cosmetic Bottles: The Best and Cleanest Packaging Solution

Glass is the most commonly used material for cosmetics packaging. That includes all the substances intended for cleansing, beautifying and enhancing your appearance. Why glass? Because glass is a perfect barrier, the best way to protect products from outside elements. Making Calaso's beautiful eco-conscious packaging perfect for aromatherapy oils, herbal remedies, and natural lotions and creams.

Cosmetic Jars that Compliment Cosmetics

Shouldn’t a bottle or jar look as good as the product inside? Definitely, because we buy with our eyes. Of course, there’s more to beauty than what you see. Glass is naturally one of the most sustainable packaging solutions on the planet. It’s ingredients (sand, ash and limestone – industrially compostable) are plentiful.

Climate Conscious Manufacturing

Glass does no harm to our oceans, marine life or the environment.
Though, we have improved the method of production and design to reduce our CO2 footprint even further. This is known as climate conscious manufacturing. Sustainable solutions that include local recycling, sustainable sourcing and using green energy to manufacture our glass.

Amber, Brown or Flint? Choose the Colour and the Transparency

Choosing the colour isn’t just a question of taste, it’s also about traits. For example, amber glass is excellent for pharmaceutical products because it offers the best protection against UV light. While brown glass bottles are ideal for cosmetic purposes, among others, giving your product a rustic and contemporary look that is at the same time easy to recycle. Flint glass is highly durable and heat resistant, but also ideal for super premium and prestigious products, like luxurious perfumes.

The Shape: Form Follows Function

Even an aesthetic choice will be a business decision. The form that will make it stand out most on the shelf and noticed by potential customers. It can also be a more practical selection. For example, if products have to be shipped all around the world, what will be easiest to transport? What will take up the least amount of container space? Did you know that round bottles require less raw materials to create than square or rectangular bottles? Another thing to take into considering when choosing your packaging.

Neck Threads and Finishes

What kind of neck finish are you looking for? 24/410? 18/415? Or perhaps the DIN18/GL18? All these numbers and letters can be bewildering, if you don’t know what they mean. Firstly, the numbers refer to the diameter and thread style. Secondly, even if it’s not clear, we have added the numbers on the bottom of each page for each of our glass products. Thirdly, if you still have any doubts, you can mail or call our vastly experienced team, who will be delighted to give you their professional advice.

Glass Bottles and Accessories in Stock

When you see something you like, you want to be able to actually order and receive it in a reasonable amount of time. These days, for various reasons, there are many supply chain issues. This is something you can avoid with Calaso. We keep a large quantity in stock, to ensure shorter waiting times. We are renowned for fast and reliable shipping. You can rely on us to do what it takes, whatever it takes to deliver your order on time.

Glass Packaging Decorative Service

Often, you have something particular in mind and that’s where we excel. Working together and co-creating are second nature to us. Whether you’re looking for a special colour, an unusual finish or a unique glass form, Calaso is the right choice for you.