One of The
Most Popular
Glass Printing

Developed in the early 20th century, it’s still one of the most popular and versatile glass printing techniques around. This process involves creating a stencil, called a "screen," by stretching a mesh fabric over a frame and then blocking out areas of the screen with a light-sensitive emulsion. Ink is then poured onto the exposed areas of the screen and pushed through the open areas using a squeegee.

Screen Printing
Design Options

In screen printing, one colour is printed at a time. Several screens can then be used to create a multicoloured final artwork. Depending on how you wish to decorate your packaging, you can select from a range of inks, including UV, ceramic, and organic inks. One of the great advantages of this technique is that it can be combined with any other decoration technique. Screen printing can be used to create unique and visually stunning designs on any glass bottles or jars.


  • Popular and versatile
  • UV, ceramic and organic inks
  • Easy to combine with any decoration technique
  • Perfect for unique and visually stunning designs

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