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All quantities are rounded to the number of pieces per safe packs.

It’s all About the Neck

The screw cap has to exactly match the glass product that it will be used with. Otherwise, your product won’t be properly protected. Logical of course. And relatively easy to ensure, by following the letters and numbers shown with each product. If you see DIN18, that refers to the industry standard for dropper bottles in Europe. The number, the size of the neck, height and diameter. The system used in the United States is different, that is the GPI/GCMI. In our product descriptions you don’t see these letters, but you do see two numbers, like 22/400. The first number is the neck finish diameter, while the second, the height and thread style.

What’s Your Type?

So many customers, so many different tastes and ideas. Therefore, we offer an extensive range of caps, including series II, III and IIID. Also, child-resistant and tamper-evident options, when that is required.

The Service You Deserve

We pride ourselves on offering good service. If you would like to discuss the options for your product, or you need additional information, we’re more than happy to share the benefits of our experience.

Find What you’re Looking For

How do you find the correct closure for your glass packaging? Just by clicking on a screw cap. That takes you to an overview page with general information about the product, and when you scroll down, all the corresponding glass products.