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All quantities are rounded to the number of pieces per safe packs.

Matching Threads

You’ve found a lid you like, time to take a moment. Does the lid have the right thread finish for the glass product you have in mind? That’s easy to find out, by checking if the numbers match. For example, the GPI/GCMI measuring system is from the United States and indicates the neck thread by a two-digit number. That refers to the neck finish diameter and is followed by the height and style of the thread. We also have a range of special lids, with a focus on modern design and finishes.

Additionally, Calaso has a special thread which deviates from usual industry standards. These are glasses tailored to unique (market) requirements, featuring different shapes or sizes compared to standard glass packaging. The special lids are designed to fit the jars perfectly. Simply check that the lid size (specified in mm) matches the corresponding threaded jar.

Child-Resistant Lid

The child resistant lid keeps kids safe. Perfect for discouraging little hands from opening glass bottles that contain products that can in any way be hazardous. For example, medical products and cosmetics.

We Can Help

Our team of experts are happy to explain anything to you in person. Whether it’s about all the available options, or if you would like any extra information. We are always at your service.

Just One Click Away

Finding the right lid and matching glass product is important, but it should also be easy. At Calaso it’s just one click away. When you see the lid you’re interested in, just click and you will find all the corresponding information. Scroll down, then you will see all the matching glass bottles and jars.