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Total packaging solutions for eco-conscious glass

Once you’ve chosen your glass bottles or jars, then you have to decide between lids, droppers, pipettes, screw caps and many other types of closures. We offer the largest selection of affordable eco-conscious glass for wholesale, but also, lowest minimum order quantities if that suits your needs better.

The full image of the packaging

Picking the perfect closure can be a practical decision, depending on how the customer uses the product. However, even with that in mind, it’s still about adding the finishing touch, the full image of the packaging, whether that be a black, white or metallic finish for example. When in any doubt, we’re always there to offer our expert advice.

Which screw threads and why

Screw threads are important in packaging design. Matching these lines around the neck of a bottle or jar with the correct closures ensures that products can be properly preserved and prevent tampering. In other words, closures that fit your products seamlessly. It’s always better to double-check that you have matched the right glass product with the right closure. This decision is also based on where you are in the world, as different countries use different measuring systems.

DIN system

DIN is the industry measurement system used in Europe. The “Deutsches Institut fur Normung” was established in Germany in 1917, which translates as German Institute for Standardisation. The 18 in 18 DIN refers to the size of the neck and this format is mainly used for dropper bottles, available in a range from 5 ml to 100 ml. An excellent choice for essential oils, and often used when you need a tamper-evident transfer ring. So that your customer knows whether a product has already been opened.

GPI/GCMI system

GPI (Glass Packaging Institute) and GCMI (Glass Container Manufacturers Institute) are the standards used in the United States. These abbreviations are followed by two numbers, for example, 22/400, the first number refers to the neck finish diameter, while the second is the height and thread style. To ensure that you purchase the right closing for your product, all you have to do is match the GPI or GCMI code listed with the product description.


The FEA (European Aerosol Federation) crimp neck is the standard for commercial perfumes. Bottles and closures with this finish are defined by a single number indicating the outer diameter of the neck of the bottle at its widest point. The closure fits over this rim and closes below it.

Glass bottle pumps, spray caps, pipette droppers and more

We supply a wide range of closures directly from stock including screw caps, aluminium lids, stainless-steel roll-on applications, child-resistant and tamper evident features. All sorts of glass bottle pumps, different types of spray caps and pipette droppers. We also supply customised or branded closure options if required.

Customised options

Glass is an extremely versatile product. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for within our wide range, we’re sure that we can help you. We believe in collaborating and co-creating and have produced many unique designs working hand in hand with our customers. This can also include simple requests, like embossing your logo on one of our existing glass forms. Or decorative effects such as spraying, printing, frosting and metalizing. Basically, if it isn’t possible at Calaso, it isn’t possible.