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At Calaso, we believe that the heart of our success lies in the people who passionately work to bring your packaging dreams to life. Let us introduce you to the talented individuals who form the backbone of our commitment to excellence

Meet Our Team of Packaging enthusiasts,
visionary minds, and solution-driven experts

As a company dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, we recognize the importance of assembling a dynamic group of passionate individuals. As we operate as one team, we rely on each other's unique skills and expertise to consistently deliver luxurious glass packaging solutions to companies around the globe.

Martijn Otten


Magdalena Miotk

Head of Sales

Patrick Goor

Chief Commercial Officer

Michelle Duinkerken

Account Manager

Marijn van der Linden

Account Manager

Gerda Zwart

Customer Service

Eddie Groen

Business Development Manager

Niels van den Berg

Business Development Manager

Evert de Boer


Marco Schippers

Account Manager

Fleur van Caldenberg

Account Manager

Mark Cremer

Account Manager

Nicolette Breider

Account Manager

Ramon Landkroon

Account Manager

Jesse Ligneel

Account Manager

Peter Harkes

Customer Service

Sarita Evers

Executive Assistant

Tessa van Veluw

Head of Finance

Tom Fuhler

Financial Controller

Kees de Vries

Assistant Financial Controller

Marjolijn Muskee-Rienties


Sharon Schuur

Assistant Sourcing, Procurement & Quality

Manon Jansman

Procurement & Supply Chain Project Coordinator

Henk Knauff

Head of Sourcing & Supply Chain

Thijs-Jan Smid

Quality Specialist

Cristel Streutker

Masterdata Specialist

Jarno Smit

Supply Planner

Wilbert Boneschansker

Chief Financial Officer

Dennis Griemink

Head of Marketing & e-Commerce

Viyella Beckman Lapré

Brand Communications Manager

Jesper Senff

Brand Communications Manager

Dinand Steenbergen

Warehouse Manager

Ricardo Benjamins

All-Round Logistics Employee

Willy Langenberg

All-Round Logistics Employee

Alwin Offerein

All-Round Logistics Employee

Frits Westenbrink

All-Round Logistics Employee

Daniël Hummel

Logistics Administrative Coordinator

Armin Vredevoort

All-Round Logistics Employee

Denise Nijenhuis

Warehouse Foreman

Katarzyna Elend

All-Round Logistics Employee

Xandro Sellis

All-Round Logistics Employee



Creating an Empowering
Work Environment

At Calaso, we prioritise the well-being of our team members in a vibrant workplace. Lush greenery inspires creativity, while Bellicon trampolines energise the body. At our office we provide a daily free healthy lunch for physical health and encourage mindfulness with special exercises. Training initiatives and open communication foster personal growth and transparency. Our inclusive workspace maintains a 50/50 ratio of men and women, promoting diversity. Join us at Calaso and thrive in a supportive environment that values your well-being, growth, and collaboration.

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