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Threaded Necks that Match

If the dropper cap has DIN18 and the glass product has DIN18, then you have the perfect match. These numbers must correspond to have the right fit and seal products properly. DIN refers to the industry standard in Europe, while 18 is about the size of the bottle neck. If you see GPI/GCMI, that’s the system used in the United States. A common combination of this system is 22/410, where 22 is the neck finish diameter, while 410 is the height of the neck and the style of the thread.

What type?

So, what exactly are these different series? It’s actually quite simple. The series number indicates the shape of the cap and the tamper-evident element of the dropper caps. For example, series II means the closure has a tamper-evident ring attached to the closure. Basically, the cap is made from one material/mould and has four to six ridges on the side. While series III has a thicker rim and a more “luxurious” tamper-evident element. It’s formed from multiple moulds, meaning that a different tamper-proofing system is used. Retention fingers, rather than ridges on the tear strip, making it more difficult to manipulate. Series IIID is a variation of series III, the only difference being a smooth surface.

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Choosing the desired caps and glass products often leads to questions. That’s what we’re here for, it’s our pleasure to help you make the best choices to suit your wishes. Please don’t hesitate, contact us if you need any further assistance.

Matching Caps

When you’ve decided on the cap, you want to know which glass bottles match. No problem. Clicking on a closure brings you to a page with general information. And further down that page, you will see all the glass products that match your dropper cap.