Florid Feelings Targets Beauty Market
With Durable and Local Products


Marlee Leliveld, the founder of Florid Feelings, is on a mission to redefine beauty in the skin and hair care industry. This Dutch entrepreneur has created a brand that places the spotlight on gentle, yet powerful formulas inspired by the elegance of nature. Florid Feelings’ Palmarosa facial oil and Lavender hair oil, launched in September 2023, offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary.

A Blossoming Vision

Marlee Leliveld’s journey began with a deep-seated desire to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry. She recognised the pitfalls of mainstream beauty brands that often value profit over people. Marlee shared her perspective with us, saying, “From riding on the sustainability trend to capitalising on women’s insecurities – I was shocked by how misguided these respected, big brands can be. At one point, I realised that even my daily routine was filled with products and brands that didn’t align with my values. As a result, Florid Feelings emerged from the need for an alternative to the synthetic, superficial products flooding the market.”

Nature’s Inspiration

Underlying Florid Feelings is a deep connection to nature. Marlee is fascinated by the versality of flowers and plants – their ability to exude softness and natural beauty while retaining their inherent strength. It is this delicate balance between nature’s gentleness and its inherent power that Florid Feelings seeks to capture in its products.

Dedicated to

Florid Feelings is committed to transparency, quality, and sustainability. Their products are carefully formulated from natural, vegan ingredients that are not only gentle on skin and hair, but also clinically proven to be effective. In Marlee’s words, “Our commitment to transparency is non-negotiable. We present ingredient lists in a clear and understandable way, so that our customers know exactly what they are putting on their skin and hair.”

The company’s commitment to transparency extends to the heart of their customer base. According to Marlee, “Initial feedback primarily revolves around how pleasant the products are to use: the natural, subtle fragrances and a sense of ‘clarity’, in which our Laurel 30- and 50ml glass bottles provide both literal and figurative transparency. Customers express the delight of seeing the composition of natural ingredients, their colours, and textures. In essence, Calaso’s products have helped us make our core values tangible. Customer’s express that, through the visible emphasis on our core values, they perceive Florid Feelings as an honest and pure brand.”

Sustainability as a Core Principle

In a world where sustainability is paramount, Florid Feelings doesn’t just pay lip service to the cause. Their commitment to sustainability runs deep. “Sustainability isn’t an afterthought; it’s in our DNA,” Marlee stresses. They follow three core principles:

  • Florid Feelings
    Florid Feelings strive to develop and source their products as locally as possible within the Netherlands and the EU. Marlee: “We collaborate with partners who share our values and are transparent about their sourcing. We support local entrepreneurs and initiatives that make positive contribution to their communities”.
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    The brand actively discourages mass production and impulse purchases. “We produce in smaller quantities, prioritise quality over quantity,” Marlee explains. “Everything purchased from Florid Feelings is intended to be a considered choice”.
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    Florid Feelings’ commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging. “The packaging of our products should reflect the purity and sustainability we stand for,” Marlee affirmed. “Calaso does exactly that.”

Contributing to a Greener Beauty Industry

Florid Feelings strongly believes that a greener beauty industry truly begins with where ingredients and materials are sourced and who or what is supported with them. Sourcing from far-flung locations at a fraction of the costs ultimately costs more in the long term, from customers trust to the carbon footprint we leave behind. Marlee stressed, “Calaso shares our commitment to quality and sustainability. They pay attention to this not only during product development but also at the end of their product lifecycle.”