Dropper bottle Jasmine 15ml, DIN18, anti rotation nocks, light weight, Flint

General information

Item code: HF13847A-100
Product type: dropper bottles
Glass capacity (ml): 15
Thread: DIN18
Design-serie: JASMINE
Shape: Round
Material: Flint glass
Capacity to brimful: 19
Capacity to fill point: 15
Colour option: on request
Diameter (mm): undefined + 0.9 -0.5
Height (mm): 66.5 + 0.7 0.7
Lockable: No
Product description
Discover our Dropper bottle Jasmine 15 ml, DIN18, with anti rotation nocks, light weight, Flint. Our Jasmine design series has a classic shape characterised by its round shoulders and high thread with a tamper evident ring. The Jasmine is named after the renowned Jasmine plant, which is cultivated for its distinctive fragrance and use in cosmetics and foods perfect for dosing essential oils and pharmaceutical or medicinal substances. These bottles are often used for storing many types of liquids in cosmetics and skincare, nutraceuticals, hemp-based oils and herbal oils.
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