Embracing co-creation

At Calaso, we embrace co-creation. We offer a wide range of designs and colours, from flint and opal white to vintage brown amber, and even custom development with unique shapes or those that already exist.

Please note that our glass decoration techniques are exclusively tailored to our own assortment of glass products. This ensures seamless integration with our packaging solutions, making the entire process easier and more efficient for you. By choosing Calaso, you not only unlock a world of creative possibilities but also enjoy the convenience of a one-stop-shop for all your packaging needs.

Versatile Techniques

We offer comprehensive in-house glass packaging decoration services, including spraying, printing, frosting, metallising, and a wide range of finishing effects. Whether you prefer frosted, opal white, clear, or coloured glass, our fully automated production process can bring your vision to life. Let us ignite your inspiration. We believe in limitless possibilities and take pride in the exceptional quality we consistently deliver.

Distinguish Yourself

Decoration has become an increasingly important way to distinguish yourself from the competition. It presents numerous opportunities to impart an exclusive identity to your brand and encompasses numerous techniques, including matting and sandblasting (both available for partial applications), single and multi-colour spraying (also applicable to specific surface areas), metallising, lasering, pad printing, screen-printing, and embossing.

The Many Decorating
Possibilities on Glass

At Calaso, we empower your brand with the timeless elegance of glass and offer unparalleled customisation options. In today's diverse landscape of printing techniques, colours, designs, and fonts, achieving your unique vision is more attainable than ever. What sets us apart? Our team of seasoned experts is here to provide guidance and support, turning your creative ideas into reality.

Our Decoration Techniques


Masterful glass printing


Luxury in metallic brilliance


Opulent foil embellishments


Stunning surface finishes


Precision in colourful dots


Versatile and customisable


Designed for your brand


Haven't found what you're looking for? If you don't mind investing a little extra, we can help enhance your brand's appearance and bring your ideas to life. In addition to our decorating services, we also offer a tailored solution that allows you to create packaging specifically designed for your brand.