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Calaso's journey is a threefold commitment: we're devoted to packaging, our planet, and your business. With offices in Los Angeles, New Jersey, Hoogeveen and a global network of partners, we meet diverse packaging needs. Our holistic approach champions eco-friendly production by reducing reliance on wasteful packaging practices. We achieve this by making quality glass packaging available to all, including start-ups and mid-sized companies, ensuring that your packaging not only reflects your brand's identity but also contributes to a greener future.

Glass and Beyond

We understand that branding components, including your label and artwork, are essential to your business's success. Calaso’s comprehensive range of services enhances the look and feel of your products. From comprehensive packaging to decorative options, we cover every aspect to ensure your brand's seamless representation.


Together, we collaborate to determine optimal packaging and decoration techniques tailored to your company’s needs. Our experts provide cost-effective solutions that uphold quality. By selecting Calaso, you’re choosing high-quality packaging that meets European standards and reflects your brand identity.

Packaging Partner

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Calaso takes care of your packaging requirements, letting you focus on business growth. Our efficient services include stock handling and ensuring reliability. With an extensive inventory and local storage, we can quickly ship bulk pallets or simply the packaging unit of a product. Our flexible service eliminates the need to lock large capital sums in stock, allowing you to allocate resources strategically.

The Packaging

At Calaso, we aim to answer all your needs. We promote ecological awareness and offer a total packaging solution. We help you comply with sustainability guidelines and safeguard the environment. Our proof is in our approach, respecting the environment in all stages, from using fewer materials and recycled content in the production process to utilising biodegradable shipment chips and optimising recycling streams within our organisation. Our commitment to you is to make the process of glass packaging simple through attentive, collaborative, and reliable service.



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